Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tests...not the paper/pencil kind!

Soooo….my new position has been literally hanging by a thread!!! For the past couple of days, I thought I’d have to bite the bullet and head back to my old school. It wouldn’t be the most awful thing, but it wouldn’t be that awesome either, especially given my initial self aggrandizing ranting on this blog.
What happened? I’m so glad that you asked. It boiled down to my certificate not reflecting my ESL designation—the new district doesn’t hire anyone without it! For all these years, my teaching credential with the Texas Education Agency was listed incorrectly. To top it off, it took me two days on hold with countless clueless people only to end up resolving the issue in a matter of minutes. Oh, let me not neglect to tell you that I also had to fork over some cash.
It was a real lesson in patience…dealing with so-called customer service professionals almost brought me to tears, TWICE! I don’t know if that’s an indictment of the public education system or what, but I’m not going to explore that at the moment.
Nonetheless, I was able to order The Book Whisperer on Amazon during my two days of miserable despair, and even though it hasn’t arrived, I have absolutely no desire to read it or anything else. I just want to shop for my cute classroom, eat ice cream, and lounge at the pool for the next 47 or so days…sigh