Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day…still in teacher mode!

So, today is July 4th, I have plans to go to a BBQ/Swim Party, I’ve made tons of Jell-O shots, I’m going to pretend like I’m not supposed to be eating clean, and, best of all, I still have over a month of summer vacay to revel in…yet I’m still fixated on my new classroom. It really doesn’t help that the mascot (at the new school) is an Eagle and the colors are…wait for it…RED, WHITE, and BLUE! I’ve really been pondering décor and a classroom theme. Last year, my entire school had to do a “Lights, Camera, Action…Get Ready to Shine” theme and I went waaaay overboard, which is typical for me. And yes, the principal brought people to my room all the time to see how pretty it was. Never mind that I was an amazing teacher…I digress.
My point in posting today is to revisit my summer bucket list…and it goes a lil something like this (Hit It!):
1.       Eat clean…create an exercise routine (meh)
2.       Organize my closets
3.       Take a weekend trip by myself to a random place on the map (San Fran is looking really good for this!)
4.       Read books that have absolutely nothing to do with education
5.       Read “The Book Whisperer”
6.       Create a teacher blog and try to have at least 5 entries before quitting J
7.       Perfect the art of saying “NO!”
8.       Eliminate obsessing over being a perfect teacher
Happy 4th y’all!