Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wish List Wednesday!

So I’ve spent countless hours in Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, varios teacher stores, etc. this week and the kid in me couldn’t help but make a wish list in my head of all the things I wast and need for a successful school year! I’ve dubbed this day “Wish List Wednesday!”
My non-teacher peeps are always asking, “Why do you have to spend so much money on school stuff? Don’t you get to write that off on your taxes? Why do you need so many pens and sticky notes?” Simple answer, “Believe me, I just neeeeeeeeed these things!”
So, on to the list…

1. THIS particular pencil sharpener in all 4 corners of my room!
It can be found at This little machine is awesome. It sharpens to a perfect point, is quiet, and I could just go on and on. I owned a red one but you already know what happened. The kids did their best to dismantle it.

2. My favorite...FLAIR pens by Paper Mate... 
This is a “must-do” for every teacher I know...they come in so many colors and they don’t bleed...that’s it...the end! They’re known to grow legs and walk off your desk into a student’s binder or your co-worker's purse, they’re super sneaky. Haha! And they’re on the wish list because I can never have enough of them or item number 3 on my list.

3. Sharpies!!!!! (In at least 100 colors)

Can you think of one bad thing to say about Sharpies? Seriously...I’ll wait…

4. Scentsy!
I know everyone has a Scentsy but I need this Longhorn edition. Of course I’ve had one in my classroom for at least 5 years, but, like my sharpener, the kids broke it. “Missss...I just walked past your desk and it committed suicide and fell and broke into a zillion tiny pieces!” The custodian is still giving me the side eye for all the wax that left a stain on the royal blue school grade carpet. Sigh…

5. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes! In BULK! Just trust me when I say these things will save a life...and they leave the room smelling like the kids have done some serious Spring cleaning!

6. This may seem weird but I actually do more than wish for a clean organized room, most days. I talk, walk, rant, pace, I've even had to chase down a couple runners, one in his skivvies...and at the end of the day I like to make sure I’ve consumed at least a gallon of water. I’d probably die without my favorite Tervis Tumbler!
And I have this exact one!

I know, I’s such a simple list but all these things makes this teacher so happy. Happy Wednesday peeps!