Monday, September 2, 2013

One week down...182 days to goooooo!

I survived the first week of school and (as of Friday at 3:20) all the children were still intact and injury free! Whew!

So far, the students are great little bundles of curious joy. They are definitely a mixed bag intellectually but they are hard workers and very trainable. I have no complaints...well...maybe one...who the heck thinks it's a good idea for 5th graders to NOT have recess after lunch? We go from lunch back to class and have recess from 3-3:20...DUMB! Alas, I adore my little OWLs and it's going to be a fantastic year!

I had to start with the basics for Math...I got an amazing resource from 4mulafun! to teach place value. I think I actually tricked my students into learning on Friday. 

I also enticed them with the promise of treats afterwards. We used Skittles Math Pebbles to show how multiplication is easy if you look at is as making or repeating groups of numbers!

AND...I didn't catch anyone sneaking a bite, but we all had sticky fingers after about 10 minutes of speed drills :0)
3 x 11=???

3 x 3=???